Stop the government from building on the greenway route. We need a safe places to walk and cycle in Kilmainham.


The government is going to build on a much needed greenway route in Kilmainham in Dublin. We need more safe public spaces to walk and cycle in our city not less. This greenway is vitally important for both residents and visitors to our city because it is beside Heuston station, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and St. James' Hospital.


What is the River Camac Greenway?

The greenway is a pedestrian and cycle only route along the River Camac that connects Heuston station to the gates of the Irish Museum of Modern Art in the Royal Kilmainham Hospital. It will provide a safe and friendly route free from cars for residents and visitors to our site.

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Why is the greenway in danger?

The Office Public Works is proposing to build the new Garda Operations Center on the route of the greenway.  This will forever destroy the route. This doesn't have to happen. The current building only takes up one third of the proposed site. It is possible to change the plans to fit the new Garda Operations Center and provide space for the greenway.

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How can I help protect the greenway?

There are many action you can take to help protect the greenway. You can share this website. You can call your local representative. You can make a submission opposing the current development on the greenway route. Help us fight for this greenway.

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This fast-emerging part of the city is home to thousands of people and workers. The area is steeped in history and culture.