Further Technical Details of the Proposed Development

You can find a full copy of the site notice for the development here. This includes a comprehensive description of the project.

Here are some high level facts about the site development that we took note of while reviewing the planning application.

  • The building internals have are 10,066 sq.m. It will support 810 staff. It is made up of two core components a 6 storey block adjoining Military Road and a 4 storey block towards the city. The two blocks are joined by a glass atrium. There is a green roof on the two buildings. The building is 29 meters tall and will be 37m above OD. The communications mast on top of the building will be further 7 meters taller again.
  • The 2 storey underground car park is 9,275 sq.m, it will support up to 220 cars. It will have 7 disabled spaces and 56 bike parking spots.
  • There is one service building and two ESB substations as part of the development.
  • There are no footpaths provided on Military Road as part of the development. This will leave no footpaths on one side of Military Road.
  • The only vehicle access to be basement will be via Military Road.
  • The land is zoned Z5.  To consolidate and facilitate the development of the central area, and to identify, reinforce, strengthen and protect its civic character and dignity.
  • Section 4.5.1 of the submitted Planning Report states the site ratio is 1.2. The allowed site ratio by Dublin City Council is 2.3.
  • Section 4.5.2 of the Planning Report says that building footprint has 29% site coverage, while the basement has a 68% site coverage. DCC allows for up to 90% site coverage in this area.
  • Under the two storey car park is a storm water storage tank. This tank will take in storm water whenever the river Camac floods in order to protect the operations center and the adjoining buildings.
  • The development proposes 220 car parking spaces in an underground car park. This is far above the DCC maximum parking standards. This 10,066 sq.m building would normally allow for 50 car parking spaces. According to the Dublin City Development Plan the proposed development is in Parking Area 2 (Mapset J). As a result the development would normally be limited to a maximum of one space per 200 sq.m GFA (Table 16.1 Pg. 362 Dublin City Development Plan)
  • The submitted Traffic and Transport Plan surveyed current staff in Harcourt Street Garda station. 74% of them drive to work solo. 4% are car passengers. The remaining 22% use either public transport, cycle or walk to work.
  • The development will remove a large number of mature trees along the boundary of the site. It will also remove the majority of the Military Road boundary wall.

Unfortunately these are the only technical details we have because the plans are not available online and these are the majority of the points we noted when we reviewed the plans under supervision at the OPW offices in Dublin.