Creating a planning submission

A planning submission to the OPW is by far the best thing you can do to support the greenway. Planning submissions are the only way to convince the planners that the proposed development must be altered to protect the greenway route.

Writing a good planning submission

They are not as complicated as you might think. We can help you. Here are some tips for writing a good submission:

  1. Start by telling OPW what planning application you submission is about. This development is planning reference number 4653/17 and is called Garda Security and Crime Operations Center, Military Road.

  2. Tell OPW where you live in Dublin (the full address is best)

  3. Tell OPW how this greenway will benefit you and how this development destroys that option. 

  4. Remind OPW that the greenway is supported by the Dublin City Council Development Plan. Here's a list of development plan policies that support the greenway and oppose the development in it's current state.

  5. Tell OPW they have options to change the development. The proposed development building only covers 1/3 of the site. If they reconfigure the building they can make space for the greenway.

  6. End with your signature and the date

  7. Keep in mind that OPW will be reviewing the submissions. The planning application is not granted by Dublin City Council in this case. It will be approved, rejected or amended by OPW itself.

If you want further help feel free to send your submission to and we can help you out.

Submitting your planning submission

Your submission must be accepted by the OPW before 5pm Monday 12th February 2018. This deadline is fast approaching.

In order to guarantee that your submission makes it in time we can't relay on standard letter post.

You have two options:

  1. Deliver the submission to the OPW offices at 52 St. Stephen's Green in Dublin yourself
  2. Email us the signed submission to us at We will print it out and deliver it to OPW before the deadline.